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Do colors matter?

Yesterday was Down Syndrome Awareness Day. I have a couple of friends who have sweet babies born with a 47th chromosome, and many more friends who have loved ones with Down’s Syndrome. I saw on facebook that you could wear yellow and blue to show your support and raise awareness for March 21st. So I woke up yesterday morning and rummaged around my closet for a good yellow/blue outfit combination.

As I was rummaging I started to wonder what the point was in wearing blue and yellow. What would I, one person, accomplish by simply wearing two colors? To be transparent, I almost gave up on searching for my outfit. But then I realized that I didn’t need to be asking ‘why?’ I really needed to be asking ‘why not?’

We live in a jaded, cynical world. It seems that many people are content in their complacency and it causes them discomfort when they see others stepping out of their bubble, out of their comfort zone. So they criticize, point fingers, and always have a reason why you SHOULDN’T do something, because ‘How can one person make a difference?’ It’s always ‘why?’ instead of ‘why not?’

So yesterday, I grabbed my blue and yellow sundress and put on my yellow necklace. Why? Because I know sweet children with Down Syndrome, and they are amazing, beautiful, perfect children of God. Because when three or four people at work told me that they ‘liked my yellow’ I was able to tell them why I was wearing yellow and blue. And I hope that I was able to encourage my friends who have children with Downs. I know that these families experience discrimination, stereotypes, and even judgement from people who are ignorant and vicious. I imagine that it could be a lonely road. I wanted to stand with them, I wanted to show my support.  So, if the only result of me wearing yellow and blue was to encourage, I’ll take it. But who knows, it could impact people in ways I will never know.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how small the deed, we will never know how God can use it. From pennies to millions, from wearing colors to signing petitions, every little attempt at advocacy and activism matters. I hope I never become so jaded that I don’t do the little things.

So do colors matter? I think they do. Every little thing you can do to encourage, support, or raise awareness matters. I pray I never forget that, and I pray that for you too.

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