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Giving Hope

This week I stumbled upon one of the most amazing giving platforms I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, this is brilliant.

Don’t believe me? Go to and see for yourself.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you all the reasons why they’re brilliant though, because that’s what I do on my blog. I need to write something about HopeMob to tell you why they’re brilliant, even though one visit to their website would probably suffice in showing you their brilliance.

This is straight from the HopeMob website:

“HopeMob is exactly what it sounds like – a mob of people bringing hope. Just as Flash Mobs dance and bring spontaneous joy and laughter, HopeMob will bring caring strangers together to create sudden, yet organized relief and hope all over the world! We see a need and swarm it! Together…we are POWERFUL”

Essentially HopeMob  provides everyone the opportunity to be generous givers and to contribute to meeting a need that may often be overlooked. The platforms seem to range from monetary donations, to material donations, to job interviews, to assistance from specialized professionals. HopeMob members can contribute points to elligible causes to ‘vote’ them into a top spot to be the featured story. You earn points by contributing to a HopeMob featured story, and they’ll have new ways to earn ‘points’ soon.

I found out about HopeMob through my favorite social media platform, Twitter. I follow Wellspring Living on Twitter and Brent and I have supported them periodically through events and donations. We love what they do for girls and women in the city of Atlanta, it’s awesome. Wellspring tweeted about HopeMob this week, their Amazon wish list for a new transitional house was the featured story on the website. Brent and I were excited to be able to purchase something for Wellspring. I browsed through other stories and was touched by the amount of need represented on the site. I also was awestruck by amount of HOPE that exudes from HopeMob. Needs have been met, people have been helped, lives have been changed. I would strongly recommend you check this website out and see how you can be a part of this generous mob of world changers. Donating a toaster to a transitional house or giving ten dollars to help someone receive essential surgery may seem small to you, but its life changing to the person you are helping.

I think my favorite part about the HopeMob platform is that it gives me and you the opportunity to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. We are bombarded with needs every day and it’s easy to become discouraged and resign ourselves to thinking that we can do nothing to truly meet needs. This gives us the opportunity to invest in lives and come together with strangers to change the world. I love it!

This afternoon, Brent and I went online to the Amazon wish list for Wellspring and were able to purchase an item from the list. We can’t do a lot right now, but we can do something. So we did our small part to meet the needs listed. We will probably continue to do so, we were really impressed with HopeMob. Last I checked, there were a few items left on the list. Maybe you’re like us and can’t do much, but we can all do something. I hope you’ll join the HopeMob with us so we can change the world together. 

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