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I need your help.

I have a few questions for you, it would help me tremendously if you’d answer them. You can comment on the facebook post, tweet me, or comment anonymously on this post: (Disclaimer: There are no right or wrong answers, and there is no judgement from me based on your answers)

1. Do you try to shop for products that are ethical? (slave free, ‘green’, sweatshop labor free, fair trade, no animal testing, etc).

2. If you do, what products specifically? (ie coffee, clothes, chocolate)

3. If you don’t, what do you think is keeping you from shopping for ethical products?

4. Do you typically think about slavery when you shop?

5. If it was easier to shop ethically and the prices weren’t too much more, would you purchase those products over mainstream products?

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12 thoughts on “I need your help.

  1. 1. Yes my spouse and I often try to shop ethically.2. We look for produce, coffee, chocolate, and clothing.3. Not always, but we do discuss it.5. I believe we would. Especially if the products were more readily available.

  2. 1) Yes2) chocolate, coffee, produce and some clothes 4) Yes5) YES… and also, better products… a lot of FT clothes & shoes are UGLY. Sorry, I can't wear flip-flops made out of recycled tires to work. OTOH, I can't afford to pay multi-hundreds for one item of clothing, AND import it from UK where a lot of better FT clothing brands are made.

  3. 1.yes2.chocolate, clothing, (we dont drink coffee anyway)4. How can i not think about slavery now that i know?5. absolutely!

  4. 1. Yes, when they're available, but I have to admit I usually don't go out of my way and typically buy what's convenient at the grocery store because I'm busy (lame excuse, I know)2. Nothing in particular, but if something is marked free trade I would absolutely buy it over the product next to it, even it was more expensive 3. See #1. Usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off and typically go to the closest store/shop, which more than likely doesn't promote those products. If I lived closer to shops that do promote these products, I would absolutely shop there instead. 4. To be honest, no5. Yes, yes, and YES! Shopping for humanely raised/slaughtered meat is very important to me also, but unfortunately it's almost always too inconvenient to drive to whole foods so I'm usually left saying "next time…"

  5. 1 – Yes 2- pretty much everything now:) 3-Now that I know about slavery I think about it with ever purchase. I always wonder what is really behind the scenes with the product I'm buying. 4- Yes , yes , and yes!!!

  6. 1. sometimes2. i avoid buying Chinese-made3. i have to depend on someone else's definition of 'ethical'. & it's almost impossible to verify: if org A says company X uses slave labor, how do i know A is fair & objective, has solid evidence, has no political agenda, & doesn't have a grudge vs. X?4. moreso recently bec of the exposure of the problem5.yes, if they were of equal quality.

  7. Yes, I agree. Availability can be hard to come by. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Thanks! I agree, so much of the FT products in the US are very bohemian, there's not a lot of versitility. I couldn't wear a lot of it to work or out. When I was in Ireland the department stores had their ethics policies posted and emphasized that they were sweatshop free- I love that! Hopefully that trend continues to rise here.

  9. Thanks Casey! You're awesome, and so encouraging!

  10. Thanks for your answers Logan. I think time is a huge thing for all of us. I know that I don't always think about ethics when I shop…. I try to, but I get busy and forget all the time. Brent and I are lucky to have a Whole Foods and Trader Joes down the street, but it was harder before. Hopefully I can find some good companies online we can all shop at. πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks Amy! You're the best!

  12. Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree with your number 3- how do we really know what companies mean by 'ethical'. I've been doing research that I'll be sharing over the summer that can hopefully help with that. I use the Free2Work ap a lot, they seem to be unbiased and have clear reasons for their grades. Thanks again πŸ™‚

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