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{SCS} Getting started: Leaving a footprint

I love long walks on the beach. I’ve found that a solitary walk down a quiet shoreline is therapeutic and good for my soul. I live five hours away from a beach, but I typically am able to get away about once a year and can enjoy those long walks. I really enjoy looking at the footprints I leave behind on the sand. Its amazing to think that much like our fingerprints, no two footprints are alike. God made each of us unique, down to our feet. Sometimes, I stare at my footprints until the waves come and wash them away. The water erases the marks left on the sand by my feet, removing evidence that I was there.


 Footprints in the sand aren’t the only kind of footprints we leave on this Earth. We also have a slavery footprint. The awesome people at Slavery Footprint have developed a fantastic interactive website that allows you to figure out roughly how many slaves work for you. They have an algorithm and methodology to determine your result, based on hard facts they retrieved from reputable sources. I’m telling you, the masterminds of Slavery Footprint are smart. I haven’t met them personally, but I’m pretty sure I’d like them.

I’m a problem solver. When I learn of a problem, the first thing I do is start brainstorming solutions.  I’m sure it annoys people sometimes. But before I attempt to solve a problem, I have to know where to start. I need to have the facts. So to get started on our socially conscious summer, I think its important to know what we’re working with, and Slavery Footprint is a simple way to get things started.

I have 52 slaves working for me. I’m working to reduce that number.  Go here to find out your slavery footprint and to see what you can do to reduce your number. Feel free to leave your number in the comments box. We can work together to end this. Because just like the waves in the sand, our slavery footprints can be washed away too.

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