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Sneak Peek- Ethical Atlanta

Our team at Not for Sale Georgia has been working really hard on an ethical buying guide for the Holiday Season. We have over 250 companies featured in the guide, ranging from makeup to clothes to computers. We have spent three months researching, compiling and emailing companies to determine who we should include. And our results are pleasantly surprising.

Photo Credit- Not for Sale Georgia

Usually we think that buying things that are ‘slave free’ means that we sacrifice affordable prices and quality. Many people think of fair trade as bohemian skirts and flowing hippie tops, or a Rwandan basket. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those products, but I know that I’m not the norm. There are a TON of options for you to choose from in the realm of ethical shopping. We have barely scratched the surface with the first copy of our guide. It’ll only get bigger.

Our vision is for Atlanta to be an ethical city, with consumers who think before they buy and with companies who try to make the world a better place with their products. If you would like a copy of our guide, email me or post a comment on this post. And we would love for you to attend our Ethical Shopping meeting on November 15. Check out the EventBrite invite for all the details.

I’m headed out to California with our NFS GA team this week, where we’ll be discussing all things anti-slavery and connecting with fellow abolitionists. I’m sure I’ll be full of blog posts to share when I return. Remember, if you’re interested in our guide, let me know and I’ll add you to the email list. And I hope to see you on November 15!

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