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Sathe Nagar, where I met the little boy who changed my life

A little over five years ago my journey to abolitionism began while I was interning in Mumbai, India. I read the book “Not for Sale” by David Batstone while on that trip, and I met a little boy who worked in a factory. I was drinking chai in a hut in Sathe Nagar, Mumbai, a slum community in the city, when a ten year old boy came to the door. He worked in a factory, and had been doing so since he was five.

I’ve shared that story before, but it shook me to my core, and set me on a trajectory to explore how I could make a difference in the way I shopped. And I found that it wasn’t easy. In fact, it felt impossible.

But things are changing. There are so many companies who are paying attention to their supply chain. There are brands out there who are making a difference with their business. And I believe the number one reason that we are beginning to see a shift is because of consumers.

People like me and you.

We have power in our shopping. Our voices have power, our dollars have power. We can make a difference. I hope it doesn’t take meeting a slave or a child laborer for you to come on board, like it did for me. And I want you to come on board, I want you to explore this with me. And I, along with several colleagues, have developed a tool to help you along the way.

Purchase with Purpose

Check out the link above to see what companies in Atlanta and around the country are doing to eliminate slavery and unfair labor from their supply chains. We have featured over 250 companies in this guide, just in time for your Christmas shopping. It’s easy to use and we tried to cover a variety of price points. Please take a look at it, and leave me your feedback in the comments. I’d love to hear from you on how we can make Purchase with Purpose even better.

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