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Passion 2013- End it.

60,000 people praising Jesus in the Dome

60,000 people praising Jesus in the Dome

The first week of 2013 for me described in a few words: Inspiring, life-altering, exhausting, God-ordained, beautiful, generous, and unifying. Passion 2013 was an incredible experience for me and my husband. We spent four days encouraging students to seek God and to change the world for people in captivity. Brent did this by directing throngs of people through the hallways of the World Congress Center, and I did this by helping students give to Freedom Causes. Our roles seemed small and tiring at the beginning of the week, but as the whole picture of the conference came together we felt unified with other volunteers, as we all played a part in shining a light for Jesus that week.

I went to Passion 2006 in Nashville, TN. I had only been home in the US from Indonesia for a month, but the week at Passion ministered to me greatly. It was so wonderful to return to the Passion Conference in a different role- as someone there to serve students. The week was full of highlights and lessons, but I want to cover just a few takeaways and memories from Passion 2013.

Leaping to END IT

Leaping to END IT

1. End it movement: I was able to take part in the End it movement giving stations. Throughout the week, we saw college students give over 3 million dollars to organizations working to end modern day slavery in our world. I saw students give their last dollar. Some students emptied their wallet and gave all they had. Others had saved for months just to give to freedom. It was humbling and emotional for some students.

2. Amazing stories: Throughout the week I was able to have conversations with students at the giving station. I met students who had started nonprofit organizations to make a difference in their community. Other students were so broken over what God had revealed to them and wanted desperately to help end slavery. It was evident that God sent a few students specifically to my giving station throughout the week, as our conversations were amazing and I was able to pour into them and encourage them. I was also able to connect other students to opportunities to serve.


27 million people enslaved is 27 million too many

3. God’s Grace: I wasn’t able to attend every session, but God had a specific word for me in each of the sessions I did attend. Whether it was a lesson in humility, community, or boldness, God was working in my life and in the lives of the students who attended Passion 2013

4. A Community of Faith: There were 3,000 Door Holders (or volunteers) at Passion 2013. I, obviously, did not get to meet each person. But God gave me the opportunity to meet a few. I made some new friendships, strengthened growing friendships, reconnected with old friends, and was able to spend time with friends I deeply love. Our love for Jesus tied us together, and I feel very blessed to have been able to spend time with so many amazing people.

If you have a college age student or know a college age person, tell them about the Passion Conferences. Lives are changed each year. There are ways to financially support them if they cannot afford to go. And I’d encourage anyone over the age of 26 to serve at Passion. Your heart will be moved and it’s an incredible way to start the new year. I’ll be talking more about the End it Movement in the coming months, but check out the website to see what Passion 2013 launched. Together we will END slavery in our lifetime.


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