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I’m with Lincoln

I’m a couple days late, but happy belated President’s Day! I’m grateful for a day we can reflect on the great men who have governed our country.

It should come as no surprise to many of you that my favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. I admire President Lincoln’s determination, tenacity, and bravery as he led our country during one of its most divisive and painful eras. I’d strongly recommend you watch the recent Academy Award Nominated film “Lincoln” to learn more about the events leading up to the ratification of the 13th amendment. It’s inspiring. I know many of us modern day abolitionists ‘channel’ Lincoln as we relate to his cause and vision. (Don’t freak out, I’m not ACTUALLY channeling the dead, just a figure of speech)

On President’s day, Made in a Free World posted a powerful video drawing from the legacy of this incredible president. It depicts violence (I’d say PG-13), so watch with caution.

Lincoln and other abolitionists worked tirelessly to eradicate slavery in their day. They faced extreme opposition and violence against their quest. Many were driven by their faith and their desire for equality. While today it’s easy for us to say that slavery is wrong, simply suggesting that reality 175 years ago was very scandalous and taboo.

Our opposition today is much quieter than it was in the 1800’s.. We face distance and apathy. We face invisibility. No one wants to admit that there could be brothels down the street from their house in middle class suburbia. No one cares to think about the hundreds of thousands of people who labor in sweatshops for little to no pay. No one wants to think about the children who harvest their cocoa in West Africa. It’s not pleasant, so we choose to not think about it.

Apathy can be just as dangerous as outright opposition. Take a step away from Apathy. Go to and tell your elected officials that eradicating human trafficking is important to you. Tell them that you won’t tolerate their apathy. Find out your slavery footprint and research ways you can reduce the number of slaves who work for you. You really can do something. You aren’t powerless. You have a voice, and you have power. You can use it to change the world.

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