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Call to Action- HB141

A couple weeks ago I posted this blog post about lobbying your elected officials to support certain pieces of legislation. It’s much easier than you think to reach out and create change in our state. I mentioned HB141, a piece of legislation in the Georgia House that would mandate the posting of the Polaris Project National Human Trafficking Hotline in known ‘hotbeds’ for human trafficking (bus stations, train stations, truck stops, unlicensed massage parlors, hotels, etc). Twelve other states have similar legislation, and calls to the hotline from these states have dramatically increased, likely as a result of the laws.

Image credit: mhowry (creative commons)

Image credit: mhowry (creative commons)

We have the chance to make history in our state by passing this legislation. It has the potential to save lives and rescue men and women from bondage. But we need your help!

Tomorrow, this legislation will be presented in the House for a vote. Please take a moment to email your Georgia Representative about this legislation. And, if you have time, call them tomorrow morning before 10am. I’m a big fan of action steps, so here’s what you can do to help us get this bill through this step:

1. Go to and find out who your Georgia State Representative is. You need to put your full address to get accurate information. Detailed info is on Vote Smart, including email address.

2. Send an email to the address listed. If no address is listed, go to to get their updated contact information. For the subject line, make sure you list your zip code and what you are referencing. My subject line to my rep was From Constituent in 30342- HB141. Then, tell them you want them to support HB141 as it is coming for a vote soon. Here’s a sample of what I wrote.

I have met you once or twice before at the GA Capitol. I am a constituent and social worker who lives in Sandy Springs. I am passionate about ending Human Trafficking in Georgia and work with several organizations that combat trafficking.

I am writing to ask you to support HB141. This bill will mandate the posting of the National Human Trafficking Hotline in businesses known to be places where this issue frequently occurs or where victims may be found. The hotline is operated by the Polaris Project and provides assistance to victims in over 100 languages. It also provides assistance to people who may suspect that they have witnessed an incident of human trafficking. (if you have personal experiences working with victims of human trafficking or in advocacy, include that as well)

Human Trafficking is a major problem in our state. I hope you will vote YES for HB141 so we can further strengthen our response to this issue and can help victims get help. Please let me know if you would like more information. Thank you for your consideration

I’ve had friends ask me to post an idea of what to say, so the above is just a skeleton example. You just need to be clear and concise, but you should provide enough information so your representative is aware of what you’re asking them to do. Personal notes are great though, many times representatives will pay more attention to personal phone calls and notes.

If you have time, follow up with a phone call to your rep’s office tomorrow morning. The more contact we can have, the better. Good luck! Let me know in the comments how it goes, and I’ll keep you updated as I hear how this legislation progresses.

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