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end-it-movementI had the privilege of serving at the Passion Conference last weekend at Phillips Arena. There are very few things I’ve experienced that are anything like the Passion movement. I attended a Passion conference in 2006 as a student, and this was my second year serving as a ‘door holder’ (volunteer). This year was shorter than last year and there were fewer students. I’m not going to lie, I’m getting older and going for four days straight with little to no sleep is hard for me, so having a two day conference was better on the exhaustion level  (I’m pushing 30, I need my sleep!) But the time was amazing and God moved.

A special part of last year for me was serving with the “Worship+Justice” team to help facilitate the students’ giving to the “End it Movement”. I was so thrilled to play a small part in such a huge movement, it was humbling and very exciting. This year there wasn’t a team centered around End it or Worship+Justice, and I was admittedly a little disappointed. I was thrilled to be able to serve in any capacity and really enjoyed serving on the resources team, but I was looking forward to a big push for a new, big movement to do huge things for God. Last year’s press, the light, the funds raised, the energy in the area- all of it was so incredible and powerful. I loved it.

But this year it was much more quiet. There were fewer students but they donated a significant amount of money to printing Bibles for the persecuted church in Iran. The End It movement was mentioned but it wasn’t at the level it was last year. I was wondering about the movement and what the plan was on the Passion leadership end, but then God reminded me of something. I heard that still small voice say that when His son came to the Earth he didn’t come in with fanfare. His birth was announced to lowly shepherds in the fields. He was born in a stable and was placed in a feeding troth. Much of his ministry was very private. He didn’t need the fanfare, because He is God.

We don’t always need the fanfare and the fame either. The act of individual and corporate times of worship inspire us to do acts of justice. Momentum is great and can be really powerful, but all God really needs in order for Him to use us are willing hearts and open hands. When we are worshiping God and are focused on His truth, He will inspire us to acts of justice. Our acts may be big or they may be small, but any act of worship that leads to justice matters to God. He finds value in our obedience and we don’t always need to have a huge movement in order to make a difference in the lives of others. Don’t get me wrong, I love the End It Movement and all the momentum that has come from our collective efforts to end slavery, I just want to encourage you and I to do the little things as well. Small acts of obedience can lead to amazing things.

End It is still happening this year though: mark your calendars for an awareness day on Feb 27. It’s be a chance for us to collectively come together to further the awareness campaign so everyone knows the atrocity that is modern day slavery and has action steps to help proclaim justice.

Are you “In it to End It?” What are you doing in this new year to fight for justice as a form of worship?

(Shameless plug: Go here to find out some information about an incredible event our team at Not for Sale GA is hosting next week on ways we can all fight trafficking- especially you men out there)

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