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Update on 1/22/15: Well friends, I am 30, and I am happy to say that all 30 items on my list are complete! I’m feeling pretty excited and accomplished right now, I’m so glad I was able to follow through with these items!

1/1/14 – Since my blog has evolved to have some components of self improvement and living life intentionally, I have crafted a ’30 by 30′ list that I’ll work on completing over the next year. It’s a combination of things I want to accomplish before we have kids, facing fears that I have, trying new things, learning, and taking youthful adventures. I’ll update this page as I accomplish these goals. I started at the end of November finalizing my list and checking things off. I’ll list a completion date as I get each goal done. As always, tips, suggestions and commentary are welcome!

And now, presenting the final copy of my “30 by 30” list (Updated ) 1/22/15

  1. Get a tattooDone on 11/15! I love my tattoo and am so glad I did it!
  2. See a wild giraffe and take a selfie with it.Done on 4/4/14 when I went on a Safari in South Africa and took a selfie with a giraffe.
  3.  Learn to Surf  Done on 6/2/14. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever, I’m hooked
  4. Read/Watch Harry Potter Books were finished on 8/23/14, movies on 8/31/14. Brilliant series, I can’t believe it took me so long to read them. 
  5. Drink Kopi Luwak   Done on 1/25/14. I drank Kopi Luwak for my birthday and made most of my family join me!
  6. Go on one more humanitarian trip Done from 3/27/14- 4/8/14. Trip to South Africa with my mom. What an amazing experience, I’ll never forget it.
  7. Submit an article to Relevant, Huff Post and a Deeper Story (at least two of the three)Done on 1/22/15 Articles were written and submitted! One on 1/21, and the last one (that was about completing this list) on 1/22.
  8. Ride a real roller coaster  Done on 12/31/13 Scary roller coaster at Animal Kingdom. Maybe not scary for most, but scary for me!
  9. Do an anonymous good deed (a big one) Done! And for the sake of the anonymous part of it, that’s all I’m going to say.
  10.  Master a difficult dessertDone on 12/17/14. Shout out to my friend Amanda who came over to tackle this with me. Result- amazing eclairs. So good.
  11. Learn to make sushi Done on 12/29/13. Successful Sushi Making class on our cruise.
  12. Take a Pottery classDone on 1/19/15. I love wheel throwing- it’s so much fun!
  13. Be an Atlanta Tourist- On 12/13/14 Brent and I went to one of the only tourist places we hadn’t been to- the Aquarium. It was awesome. I also visited the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in the summer.
  14. Learn to shoot our gun Done on 4/26/14. I did this for Brent’s birthday. I didn’t enjoy it, but I’m glad I did it.
  15. Practice SpontaneityAlmost done. We were spontaneous in our decision to go to the Aquarium, and we practiced spontaneity with Brent’s parents in the fall. I’m going to do one more spontaneous thing before I hit 30, but overall this one is accomplished.
  16. Boudoir photo shootDone on 11/18. It was so much fun and was a big confidence booster!
  17. Read a classic novelDone on 1/8/15. I decided to read Jane Eyre, and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as easy or as entertaining as Harry Potter, but the story was really good.
  18.  Take an all night adventure Done on 11/21. Wow, so much fun. I went with some friends to see Catching Fire, pt 1, and then we ate lots of junk food and drank lots of coffee around town.
  19. Have a classic Movie MarathonDone on 12/21/14. I ended up having a chill day with no plans and tackled the movies. I liked them, but I decided that I’m more of a modern movie girl.
  20. Learn how to be alone and at peaceDone on 8/12/14. I went on a work trip and had a day to myself. I explored a new city alone, ate at a restaurant alone, and was at peace. I rather enjoyed it actually.
  21. Learn how to drive a stick Done on 11/28/13- My brother taught me but he says I need a follow up lesson.
  22. Dine at the Sundial at sunset–  Done on 1/22/1. To wrap up the list, I had dinner with Brent on my Birthday at the Sundial. It was beautiful, and I faced my fears of elevators and heights!
  23. Learn to sew, and make a dress or skirtDone on 1/22/15. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning and afternoon of my birthday with my mom. She’s pretty awesome, and I successfully made a pretty skirt.
  24. Make a time capsuleDone on 1/14/15 I still need to add a newspaper from my birthday but the meat of the project is done.
  25.  Attend a gala/benefit  Done on 9/25 when Brent and I went to the LSG Heroes of Hope Gala. We even won a couple silent auction items!
  26.  Go on a yoga or spa retreat for a day Done on 7/18/14. Did this one on a budget with one of my best friends. We made our own ‘treat yoself day’, and it was wonderful
  27. Take an all day hike on the Appalachian Trail – Done on 11/22. We took a nice long hike around the Appalachian trail and surrounding trails. It was beautiful.
  28. Finish reading all the books in the BibleComplete on 1/21/15. I procrastinated on this one a bit, but it got done! I’m proud of myself for reading books like Leviticus that I always shied away from.
  29. Write love letters to my family membersComplete on 1/22/15. What a powerful way to wrap up this decade. I am so blessed to love so many.
  30. Visit a new city/town every other month.Complete on 11/28! I visited Serenbe, Durban, St. Augustine Beach, Chicago, Portland, Tucson, and Plains.

3 thoughts on “30 by 30

  1. Emily Hendrix on said:

    Can I join you for the yoga/spa day? That sounds heavenly.

  2. At a quick glance I thought number two said GET a Giraffe. lol I was like DANG she’s not playing around! I would like to join you for classic movie day!

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