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Purchase with Purpose

Photo Credit- Not for Sale Georgia

Photo Credit- Not for Sale Georgia

In 2012 Not for Sale Georgia recently released a new shopping guide. Feel free to download and share our guide. We’ve included a variety of companies, and we’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you think.

Purchase with Purpose
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3 thoughts on “Purchase with Purpose

  1. Sandy – I agree, it’s like dog years ir something. Alexandra – I acltauly started another blog with a friend in Dec. ’09 (A Tale of Two Bloggers). Then after about a month I realized that all I really wanted to blog about was books, so I started this. LindyLouMac – It feels longer than a year. I’ve been on Library Thing since 2006, so I had all of my books rated a catelogued already.

  2. Absolutely. Finding inspiration and joy amdist the holiday hustle and bustle is what the season is all about. Hope you are taking time to enjoy a moment, that tub would be heavenly to recharging one’s engine!What a sweet spot. Love that magnolia wreath.pve

  3. That hits the target dead center! Great answer!

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